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About seeks to answer the question:  What do the most successful people in history have in common and how can their principles be applied to the world we live in today?  There are many great books on success, however these books are static and do not change with the times.  There have been many great thinkers and producers throughout history who have taught us a lot, but the society they lived in was much different than the world we live in today.  So while the Universal Laws for Progress remain the same, their application has changed greatly.

Power and Progress focuses on using the the subconscious and the Infinite Power Within for Progress in the modern era.  Technology has shifted the way businesses are run, entrepreneurs are made, and career ladders are climbed. The world is moving fast and changing even faster.  The climb to the top is more competitive than ever in our globalized, connected, and always-on society.  But there has never been a better time to seize and create opportunities to succeed on your own terms.

About Me

I’ve spent over 10 years studying success, New Thought, and the effects of the constantly changing society we live in.  I currently work with everyone from entrepreneurs and tech start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, developing strategies to take advantage of changes in business, technology, and society.  I also work with individuals and speak to groups about success and thriving in today’s landscape.  I am a national public speaking champion and graduated Penn State University magna cum laude with degrees in Corporate Communication and Business Administration.  I currently live in Philadelphia with my wife and two kids.