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Power and Progress Spotlight: Sean Parker


Even if you’ve never heard of Sean Parker, odds are you’ve been influenced by one of his creations. If you’ve ever downloaded a song from Napster, synced all of your contacts through Plaxo, or listened to music on Spotify, you’ve used a product created in the mind of Sean Parker. No? Never done any of those things? Maybe you’ve heard of a little world changing network called Facebook.

While most people associate Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, odds are it would have never grown into the Power house that it is today without the guidance and leadership of Sean Parker. At just 24, Parker became president of Facebook. During his reign he led it through unprecedented growth and contributed ideas that would change the internet as we know it forever. As if that wasn’t enough, he was the consummate connector. His ability to network and connect investors with ideas was critical in securing funding that allowed Facebook to expand into a global internet powerhouse.

He is regularly referred to as a genius and a web oracle. Through his efforts he is estimated to be worth $2.1 billion. He is listed as one of Forbes 15 Richest people in tech and has already carved out a place in the 21st century business and technology Hall of Fame. He has worked with or is admired by many of the biggest names in Silicon Valley.

Whether or not you have the desire to create revolutionary products and services that make you a multibillionaire, it’s certainly worth exploring some of the key characteristics that have made him so successful. Whatever your dreams and goals are, add a touch of Sean Parker and you’ll greatly increase your chances of success.
Sean Parker

Let’s take a look at a few …

Boundless Energy – Sean Parker achieves more in a typical day than many so-called productive people could achieve in a month. He is clearly driven by an ambition that is fueled from Within.

A recent Forbes article reports another “typical day” for Sean Parker:

“Facebook’s former president has had a busy, typical day. Over the last ten hours he’s interviewed two potential VPs for his new video startup, answered hours’ worth of e-mails about the music platform he’s backing, Spotify, and met with a potential CEO for his Facebook charity app, Causes. He’s also booking bands and wrangling vendors for his ­engagement party … He breaks from work to dine with Jack Dorsey, the chief of Facebook rival Twitter and payment service Square. After dinner, at the restaurant bar, he interviews another potential boss for Causes. By the time he drops me off at my hotel, it’s 11:30 p.m. Parker’s day is about half done. For the next six hours Parker fires off e-mails … Four hours later he’s up, ready to do it all again.”

Focus and Concentration – Sean Parker is known for being late to meetings, last minute cancellations and frequent rescheduling. In Silicon Valley it is known as Sean Standard Time. But these inconveniences are a price investors and entrepreneurs are willing to pay to collaborate and partner with him. Why? They understand that he gets so focused on whatever he is passionately working on that he goes deep into his zone. They are eager to have such a brilliant mind apply this focus and concentration to their project. While Parker admits that he feels terrible about making others wait and constant rescheduling, he understands how the Power of Concentration is necessary to achieve his level of perfection.

Harnesses the Power of Mind

“He can see things most people won’t be able to see for a year or two,” says Palihapitiya. As Shervin Pishevar of Menlo Ventures describes it: “Parker has access to trends and signals that are invisible to many people. For him it’s like hearing a dog whistle.” Parker doesn’t disagree: “I find a lot of things relevant that aren’t necessarily relevant to the world when I’m thinking about them.”

These sentiments have been echoed time and time again about Parker by some of tech’s biggest movers and shakers. For years his thoughts have been focused on problem solving through technology. This continuous thought process has made an impression on his subconscious. As a result, he easily picks up on things the average mind can’t. He has learned to harness what some would call his sixth sense. Just as a musician can hear the smallest differences in musical vibrations that most of us wouldn’t notice, Mr. Parker’s mind is constantly attracting and being attracted to conditions and opportunities that others are oblivious to. While many may diligently seek the same opportunities through conscious effort, his subconscious is on auto-pilot constantly connecting him to these opportunities with little to no effort at all.

Driven by Passion – Money wasn’t a motivator – it was a side effect.

Sean Parker states:

“I definitely wanted to earn my freedom. But the primary motivation wasn’t making money, but making an impact. I think the perception of wealth and power is that things just become easier and easier when in reality as you raise the stakes things become more stressful. You just keep pushing yourself harder and harder to achieve more and more — I don’t think it’s ever quite as glamorous as it appears on the outside.”

When you find your purpose on the inside, you’ll have monumental achievement on the outside. A life completely driven by money is worthless. A life driven from the inside will bring all the riches you could ever desire.

Resilience – It is important to point out that Parker has suffered many setbacks over the years. It hasn’t been a smooth ride to become a billionaire. Most people are familiar with the significant troubles that Napster went through. He also has been forced out of companies he started more than once. He has been penniless and homeless on several occaisions. Nonetheless, he constantly bounced back. Always learning from each experience, and using that knowledge for greater success in his next endeavor – a key principle for Power and Progress.


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