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Understanding the Cycle of Power and Progress


When you think of success, what do you imagine?  Do you imagine closing million dollar deals, buying a new house, or traveling around the world?  I do.  I also imagine the milestones that I will surpass en route to achieving this vision of success.

In doing this I have found that the root cause of success is a continuous cycle of Power and Progress.   A solid understanding of this cycle allows me to scientifically apply the other success principles needed to achieve these goals.

The cycle is based around the fact that “we must BE before we can DO.”  Power develops the “be” so that we can obtain Progress from the “do.”  When you understand this cycle, it encourages you to work harder in the present because you know that you are scientifically creating your future.  It is scientific because the principles are exact.

Success comes from continuous progress towards clearly defined goals.  Continuous Progress requires continuous Power.  Maybe not the type of Power most people think of when they hear the word.  But rather the Inner Power that comes from experience, knowledge, and confidence that you pick up as you travel the path to your achieved goals.  This Power along with the reinforcement you get as you achieve milestone after milestone, no matter how insignificant, plants seeds in you subconscious – the ultimate Power that makes your goals become reality.

Using Power for Progress

The more of this Power that you obtain, naturally the more you Progress.  You notice that your sales increase, you are taking on bigger projects, you are getting promoted, or your business is earning more profit.  There is no overnight success.  Rather, success comes from continuously accumulating Power from the progress you have made, and applying this Power for even more Progress.

The key is to seek and recognize the power you receive from each step of progress you make.  Ask yourself how you can utilize this newfound power.  Find opportunities that will most utilize this newly acquired power.  Seek challenges to develop new power.  Progress is the natural inheritance of this type of ambition.  Success is the offspring of progress.

Understand that before you can seal the million dollar deal, you must be able to seal the $100 deal.  Don’t’ become discouraged because it is only a $100 deal; recognize it as a necessary stepping stone before you progress to the million dollar deals.  Power from the small, leads to Progress towards the large. This understanding brings a new excitement and determination for closing the smaller deals. It will give you resolve in the face of temporary defeat. The smaller steps become training ground for the larger steps.  You become inspired to use all of the Power Within you to obtain the lesser, because you understand that it means you are on the right path to obtaining the greater.

The cycle of Progress can be applied to any goal you have the ambition to achieve.  Now that you understand this cycle, make unreasonable goals and demand of yourself the fulfillment of them.  Plant seeds in your subconscious and take action to create bountiful fruit.  Live life with the understanding that by doing more you become more because power begets power.  And as you seize and conquer opportunities, new opportunities will arise because progress begets progress.  Once you bring these two into alignment you create a cycle of Infinite Power and eternal progress.



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