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The Mental Diet


In the movie Super-Size Me, Morgan Spurlock gives us an extreme example of what consuming nothing but unhealthy fast food does to us physically (and psychologically.) By the end of the movie he was battling serious health problems as a result.

The experiment reminds me of what happens to us over time as we continuously allow unhealthy thoughts to enter our mind.  In short, what goes in mentally is eventually expressed physically.

One of my underlying principles behind this blog is that our thoughts create our life.  I’m not on the train that says positive thinking solves everything or that we should go around with a smile and repeating positive thoughts even in the face of true challenges and hard times.  Although I certainly believe that positive thinking has its benefits.

But even more than that, I believe that concentrated, focused thoughts with a purpose are the key to Mastery of Fate.  What I promote is Constructive Thinking.    Thinking that aligns with and moves us closer to our goals.  Thinking that is inspired by the Infinite Power Within us.

Focus your Thoughts to Align with your Goals

Learning to control our thoughts is the first and most critical key to success.  At the root of who we are and what we are to become lie our thoughts.  This is because our thoughts are causes. Our experiences and conditions are the effects.

A mental diet will help you begin creating the causes that lead to your desired effects.

The most successful people who diet are looking forward to a certain event or indicator of success.  They want to have a nice body for the beach, they want to look good in their wedding dress, or they want to wear the clothes that they wore before they got pregnant etc.  By defining their end goal, it is easier for them to identify what food will contribute to them reaching that and what food won’t. 

When we undergo a mental diet, the same process is necessary.  We must first define who it is we want to be and what it is we want to accomplish.  Once this has been done, it becomes easier to identify the thoughts and the thought processes that will move us closer to our desired outcomes.

Don’t just Eliminate Unhealthy thoughts … Replace them

When dieting, you can’t simply decide not to eat.  You must replace the unhealthy foods and eating habits with healthy ones.  The same with the mental diet, obviously we can’t just decide to not think.  Rather we must replace our destructive thoughts and thought habits with constructive ones. 

Starting your Diet

Begin by identifying the thoughts that need to be replaced and filtered out from entering the mind.  When people begin to diet, they decide what foods they aren’t going to be able to eat, such as high calorie and fast food. 

Undergo a mental cleanse. All thoughts of “I can’t” “it won’t work” “I’m too young, old, not smart enough, not good enough, not capable” must be eliminated from the mind.  Realize that these are self-limiting thoughts that you have placed on yourself.  They are generated inside your mind. Nothing from the outside could possibly put these limitations on you.

Replace these with thoughts of “I can, it will work etc.”  But as I said, it’s not just about positive thinking.  So you must also think of why it can, why it will work.  The Infinite Power Within you will go to work on the how. Just start with “I can” and “I will” and the details will begin to fall into place.   Soon you will be taking inspired action to make your desire a reality.

As with any diet, the more dedication, commitment, discipline, and effort you put into your ideal, the more successful you will be at it.

At the same time, begin proactively putting healthy things into your mind.  Read constructive books, articles, blogs, etc.  Look for inspiration in everything.  Observe all around you the awesome Power of mankind when it is in tune with the Infinite.  Realize that this same Power is within you.

Think with purpose.  Random thinking scatters our Forces and dilutes our Power. 

Allow only constructive thoughts to dominate your mind.  These stronger thoughts will suffocate the weaker thoughts.  It may be a conscious process at first.  But soon you will find your new thought process to be automatic.

As you continue to generate constructive thoughts, they will produce more Power.  Progress will thus come naturally.  Destructive thoughts will vanish.  Constructive thoughts will flourish.  Your conditions will be solid proof of the Power of constructive thinking.  The results of the mental diet will be well worth the commitment to carry it out.

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  • Timothy Fickenscher

    I like how you put it…”Constructive Thinking.” I totally am on board with how our thinking affects our subconscious, which thus projects and manifests itself into our reality. What we put out to the Universe is what It will throw right back at us. Some call it karma.
    And it’s interesting that you talk about the infinite power within each of us as humans, because right now I am reading a book entitled “Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams” by Mike Dooley. He writes about the same concept you discuss here. I believe that if we can dream it we can make it happen (within the realm of “reality” of course) and the only thing that is ultimately holding us back, or our “Invisible Obstacle” is ourself. Invisible because many people tend to look only outward onto life and not inward. Which is ironic in two ways; you would think that we would want to look inside at ourselves first as opposed to looking at our life as a whole – individuals are much less large and hard to handle than one’s entire life. It is also ironic because it shows the true nature of humans: we want to take on the big goals first, sometimes recklessly.
    I believe that if we can inherit all that we can from out instincts are nature, and then apply our conscious minds with the right tools we will be able to accomplish what we need to or want to. It’s like having the most powerful sword in the world but grasping it by the blade instead of the handle; we end up hurting ourselves are limiting our ability to wield such a massively powerful weapon. Our brain is our most powerful weapon as humans and if we consistently grasp it by the blade we will only end up cutting through our own hands.

    • Anonymous

      Great insight. I really like your metaphor about the most powerful sword in the world. Once we become aware of the sword we can learn how to hold it properly, and begin using it. I’m interested in your thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities” after you finish reading it, although you clearly already grasp the big picture.