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The Invisible Obstacle


I’ve talked to a lot of people who have strong desires to be successful.  They work hard at it.  They read personal development books and blogs.  They concentrate about it.  But they feel that there is some invisible obstacle that is constantly standing in their way.  If they could just identify it, than they could seize the moment and fulfill their ambitions.

After speaking to several of these would be successes, I realized a common trait that they all shared.  They are holding on too tightly to their past.  They are letting a past that they are not satisfied with define who they are today and who they will become tomorrow.

Obviously you can’t forget your past, it makes you who you are today.  In fact, every experience you have had, both mental and physical, is stored in your subconscious and is expressed through your personality. 

But to live in the past takes focus and energy away from the present.  If you have been wronged by someone in the past, to constantly dwell and hold resentment is to give them power over you in the present.  If you can’t stop thinking about mistakes that you have made in the past, you are hindering your progress for the future.

True Success is a deep sense of personal satisfaction with your life. 

Examine the Past

If you are unhappy with your past, do some honest evaluation as to why.  The reason I say honest is because we have a natural human tendency to frame negative past experiences as being unavoidable or not our fault.  Some circumstances are truly unavoidable.  But you have the ability to choose your actions and your reactions.  So your action may not have caused the negative experience, but did your reaction make it better or worse? 

The process of identifying your thoughts and behaviors that have led to a less than satisfying present is tough.  The point is not to beat yourself up. Instead recognize the things that you can begin today to improve upon in order to make tomorrow better.  It helps you to avoid continuously reliving your past. 

Don’t lie to yourself and say that everything wasn’t your fault and that you couldn’t have done anything different.  By doing this you give up your ability to control your life because you probably tell yourself the same thing about the present and will continue to do so in the future.

Concentrate on the Present

Once we identify the patterns, behaviors and thoughts that shaped our past, then we can consciously begin to change them into ones that will lead to the future we want.  Consciously identifying them is the necessary first step.  Influencing the subconscious to adapt to new patterns, thoughts, and behaviors is the critical next step.  Focused, deep concentration will achieve that.

You may only notice small changes at first. But they will constantly build upon each other and you will continue to notice bigger and bigger changes.  As you experience and reinforce to yourself the benefits of these changes, you will continue to impress the subconscious, allowing you to gain new Power and create further Progress.

You can only build your tomorrows out of your todays.  So live for today.  Enjoy and maximize the moment.  Appreciate your past, it is what make you unique.  Learn from your past, it will predict your future.  Start today to make your past an asset for your future.  Because tomorrow – today will be your past.

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