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The Cure for Perfection Paralysis


I subscribe the maxim, “anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  But the keyword there is doing. Many people spend so much time dreaming and planning that they never actually make it to the doing stage.  This is often due to the perfection trap.  We wait for the right time, the right situation, the right opportunity, so that we can execute our perfectly laid plans and achieve perfection.

The problem with this approach is that we wait so long while we plan for perfection, that opportunity after opportunity passes us by.  It stems from a lack of understanding that in order to succeed we must fail.  Experience is the best teacher, right?  But let’s put learning from our mistakes aside for one second.  You are still left with the fact that if your fear of failure is so strong that it won’t allow you to get started, then obviously you will never succeed. You can’t succeed at what you don’t do.

When your desire for perfection leads to procrastination, it becomes a vicious cycle that holds you hostage at the starting line. The longer you wait, the more situations and circumstances change, which means your plans must continuously change in order to be perfect.

There are some people who have no thought of perfection, they just get to work and by the time you notice them they have produced a near perfect product.  While the perfectionist is still thinking and making plans.

The key to overcoming perfection paralysis is simply to take the first step. You will never create a perfect plan in your head before taking any action.

The More You Do, the Better Understanding of Perfection You Gain

Obviously you will learn more as you go along.  You may have an idea of what perfection is in your mind, but you truly won’t know what perfection looks like until you are deep into your journey.

Once you have immersed yourself in your project or goal, thoughts and ideas will begin to flow from Within.  As you take action, you signal dedication.  You become committed.  You apply passion and emotion.  You have conviction.  All of these things make impressions on the subconscious, causing it to accept your intention as fact.

As a result it goes to work generating insight by pulling knowledge and experience from throughout your life and applying it to your situation.  You will consciously and subconsciously begin looking for information and resources that will help you to achieve perfection.  You will begin to have more and more of those “in the shower” bursts of insight.  You will slowly but surely begin to understand what perfection is as it pertains to your goal.

You begin to understand that perfection is ever evolving as you are ever improving.  Your ideal of perfection is constantly being enhanced.


Power Leads to Perfection

An immense amount of Power is required for perfection.  But you can’t gain more Power without using all of the Power that is currently Within You.  In order to achieve perfection you must achieve perfect Power.

Every step you take will give you more Power.  This comes in the form of knowledge, experience, and the momentum you are starting to build.  You are waking up latent faculties. And your subconscious is so deeply involved that it begins to open the gateway to the Infinite – the true source of perfection.

Michael Jordan wasn’t perfect the first time he picked up a basketball.  Mozart wasn’t perfect the first time he composed.  Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t perfect the first time he picked up a paint brush.  But as they progressed, they began to attract the Power needed to bring them closer to perfection.

Books such as Talent is Overrated detail how perfection is achieved over a long period of constant practice and doing.

But you will never reach that point if you let the desire for perfection overcome your commitment to action.

Stop planning and start doing.   Make impressions upon the subconscious.  Allow your Infinite Within to give you the Power needed to achieve perfection.  But all of this is a process that unfolds, not a plan that stays in your head.

If perfection is what you want, then start down that path today.  The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will achieve perfection.

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