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Power Ambition: Fuel From Within


“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.”
– Edith Södergran, Scandinavian poet

We hear the term “ambition” tossed around a lot in our society, especially as it pertains to success and achievement.  Of course it has its negative connotations as well. This is because misdirected ambition leads to greed and aggression as a means to achieve an end.

But when applied properly, ambition is a genuine asset that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.  The key is harnessing and focusing ambition, and adding that extra Force from Within.

What is Power Ambition?

Power Ambition is born out of a deep passion from within.   It takes your drive, multiplies it, and puts it on autopilot.  It becomes a mechanism for push-pull success.  This inner drive pushes you to take the actions needed to fulfill your ambition, while pulling you toward constant opportunities for Progress.

Power Ambition feels natural. It is impressed into the subconscious. When you are driven by Power Ambition you don’t have to ask, “What am I going to do today?” or “What should I be working on?” It’s as if you’ve programmed the GPS of your mind with destination success.

Have you ever tried to drive and read a map at the same time? If so, you know that for the most part it is not practical and certainly not efficient. That is what it is like working toward success simply for the sake of becoming rich or famous. That is what it is like to have conscious ambition without Power Ambition. All of the actions you take toward becoming successful are less efficient and much less effective.

By defining your true purpose, you ignite your inner fire which creates Power Ambition.

When you are being driven by Power Ambition, all of your mental energies and finer forces are working Within you. They drive you to take the correct action and attract the right opportunities that are certain to bring about success. You are operating from deep inside yourself. Every single cell in you radiates with an invincible Power.

It begins with a feeling so Forceful that you naturally assume it is your calling.  You feel that you were put here in this time and place specifically to achieve it.  It can be something that was clearly evident to you the day you were born.  Or it could be something that unfolded over the years as your understanding of yourself deepened and your life experiences clarified your view of the world.  If your defining ambition is not clear to you, Power Concentration, meditation, or prayer, depending on your preference, will help you uncover it.

Adding Power to Ambition

Once you have identified your purpose, try to define it with as much acute clarity as possible.  So long as you have no definite object in few, your forces will be scattered.  On the other hand, don’t worry about every little detail, the subconscious will provide guidance and insight along the way.  It will evolve and unfold as you travel along the journey of fulfillment.  To encourage this unfolding, concentrate or meditate about it on a regular basis.  As you do this, add deep desire, conviction, emotion, and passion to your thoughts.  This will continue to make deeper impressions upon the subconscious, which in turns creates more fuel from within.

As you transform your external ambition into an internal one, a key ingredient to the recipe is faith.  Faith that you are pursuing the right ambition, Faith in your ability to achieve the ambition, and Faith that your Inner Self will guide you in the right direction.

A strong Faith will break through boundaries. It expands the mind. Faith helps you to develop the ability needed to achieve your ambitions. You’ll take action toward success you never before believed possible, but your newfound ability has already declared it can be done.

Here’s to achieving your ambitions.  Cheers to being driven by Power Ambition.

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