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The True Purpose of Work


To create a successful You Inc., you must always be on the lookout for ways to increase your business assets. When it comes to career and entrepreneurial success, your number one assets are your skills, capabilities, and experience.

So if these are your number one assets and your work is the number one place to pick up these assets, it is important to understand what the true purpose of work is.  Your paycheck should be a secondary benefit, the building of a greater You Inc. should be the primary benefit.

For those who seek Power and Progress, work is the ultimate blessing and opportunity.  It allows you to create a path of unique stepping stones that leads to where you want to be in life.  It can be our greatest asset or our worst enemy.

Work as a Means of Personal Development.

There are two primary purposes of work,

  1. To produce. This can include physical things, such as in a factory or it can be intellectual such as a law firm or accounting office. All work is a form of production.
  2. To build the worth of the producer. This is where it is important to understand the true purpose of work.

In order to build our Power on the inside and create Progress on the outside, we must be in a state of constant development.  Use your current work as part of this development. Take advantage of every learning opportunity. Create learning opportunities where none exist. Constantly be on the lookout for ways to up your game. Don’t worry if you start to do things for which you feel you aren’t paid to do. If you have the opportunity to grow and expand by taking on new responsibilities, that growth and expansion is a nice paycheck in itself. The money will follow.

The fact is that development should always be a direct offspring of work.  This applies to all endeavors, from flipping burgers to doing a road show for an IPO.  As we become more we receive more.  Work should be used as a means to become greater today than you were yesterday.  You are building up mind and body.  You may be making a living but you are also in the process of creating your ideal life.

Work Your Way to the Top

Think about it, half of all owners of McDonalds started as employees.  The employee that later becomes an owner understood that he was picking up skills along the way that will one day contribute to the success of his multi-million dollar franchise.  The same thing with the cliché of the guy who worked in the mailroom later becoming the CEO of a global corporation.

Work in the realization that the more you produce in the world, the more Power, life, ability, and capacity you produce in yourself.  The greater things you construct, the greater you, yourself become.  The same building process you apply among things, will take place within yourself.

Furthermore, the more we work, the more chance we have to showcase our skills and talents. Skills and talents that we have constantly improved through continuous work.  Our services become more in demand.  More opportunities will present themselves, helping us slowly, but most definitely surely, climb the ladder and take the next step in our journey.

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