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Thriving in A Globalized Playing field

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Globalization has been going on for many centuries.  The Silk Road trade route is one of the most well known examples of early globalization.  More recently however, technology has vastly increased the pace at which the world is becoming a local neighborhood.  In 2005 Thomas Friedman proclaimed, The World is Flat

What does this mean? 

It forces competition, as jobs are being outsourced, leaving many unemployed.  But it also makes the world our playground in which new opportunities are created daily. 

Although locally we may feel that our opportunities are shrinking, globally they are growing exponentially.  The key to managing globalization is to protect yourself from outsourcing, while taking advantage of the explosion from 300 million potential prospects, partners, and customers to over 6 billion. 

I understand this is easier said than done.  However we must keep in mind that there have always been challenges during a shift of such magnitude.  But we must also remember that the greater the challenge the greater the reward. 

At this point, we have moved past discussing the pros and cons of globalization, no matter what the outcome, the world is not going to move backwards regardless of how we personally feel about it.  So we, as individuals, must Progress in order to seize opportunity in this constantly changing world around us.   It is important to keep in mind that it isn’t what’s happening that shape us, it’s our thoughts about what is happening that shapes both us and our reactions – for better or worse.   Might as well make it better.

If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to begin to create a blueprint that will help you not only navigate, but thrive in this new economy.  The opportunity for opportunity is unprecedented.  People from all corners of the earth are connecting, collaborating and competing.  Most importantly, they’re thriving.

It’s your turn.

 We hear about entrepreneurs from all corners of the world who grew up in extreme poverty and overcame impossible obstacles.  Some faced famine, disease, war, or lack of education. Today they are multi-millionaires competing with well established businesses headquartered in New York.  This should make us stop and ask ourselves what is holding us back from achieving our dreams.  Are the challenges that we face more insurmountable than theirs?  Probably not.

I get energized every time I see people coming from conditions much worse than most of us could imagine and blazing their own paths to immense success through sheer will, focus, and by tapping their Power within. 

In Closing …

I decided to end this post with an entertaining, yet eye-opening video that helps to paint the picture about how technology and globalization is and will continue to affect us.

In the mean time, I encourage you to think deeply and continuously about what opportunity you could create and execute to thrive in this new globally connected neighborhood.  Or how to advance your current ambition. Impress it into your subconscious, utilize your Power within, and prepare for Progress.

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  • Justin Jones

    Could have not said it better. More millionaires created in great depression than any other time. I sold 3 of my companies when this so called recession started and started 3 new ones. People said I was crazy. I just said I refused to participate in the recession and I have made more money, more successful and happier now than have been ever. You are also great example of coming from nothing to something. Remember when teachers would have bet you would have made it nowhere but now look went way way past all the people who were suppose to set the world on fire and ended up simply punching the time clock of life. Great post.