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Power Concentration 101: The Foundation of Progress

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One of the most common questions I get is, “Where does the Power come from that fuels Progress?”

My answer is always the same:  This type of Power can only come from within.

While there are many ways to obtain Power, there is one way that is more direct and beneficial than others.

This method is called Power Concentration.

What is Power Concentration?

Power Concentration is a combination of meditation with a purpose, prayer that is free from religious dogma, and focused daydreaming/visualization. The key is to connect with your Inner Self and be receptive to insight from Within. It is something done deliberately, when we are undisturbed and free of distractions.

During Power Concentration we tap into the immense power of the subconscious mind, our mental workshop.  As a result answers, ideas, and actionable solutions are crafted and sent back to the conscious mind for application and execution.  Sometimes the insight is immediate. Sometimes it could take days, weeks, or longer.

In short, Power Concentration is when our focus is so deep and intense that we access the limitless forces of the subconscious, the gateway to Infinite.  When your mind is in this interior state of being, every thought you think becomes a Power.


Power Concentration has been used all throughout history.  During some periods and places, it was a well guarded secret.  For others it was a mystery veiled in allegory.  And yet others, including myself, have taught the concepts and strategies in the simplest manner for everyday use.

People from all walks have touted the effectiveness and benefits of it.  This includes everyone from religious figures and philosophers to scientists and psychologist.  It has been taught in the remote mountains of the Far East all the way to the lecture halls of America.  A few popular names that have evangelized its benefits include Emerson, Leonardo da Vinci, Andrew Carnegie, Albert Einstein, Sir Francis Bacon, Galileo, Henry Ford, Ben Franklin, Socrates, Napoleon Hill and many, many more.

In fact one of the bestselling books of all time, Think and Grow Rich, was based on the benefits of tapping the subconscious mind.  The book has been credited with creating more millionaires than any other.

The Source of Infinite Intelligence

When I think about all of the knowledge stored in the subconscious, I become overwhelmed in amazement.  Among many other things, it is responsible for maintaining the vital processes that go on within the body.  Some of these include the regulation of our heart rate, blood circulation, respiration, and cell creation.

In addition, it stores a lifetime of knowledge, memory, and experiences available for recall at any given moment.  It expresses this lifetime of impressions through personality in our daily lives.

It has the power to work out any problem, and find the exact answer to any question.  In fact, no problem is ever worked out by the conscious mind alone.  The subconscious gives the real secret in every instance, though it is the conscious mind that makes the practical application.

Power Concentration is the integration of the conscious mind with the subconscious mind.  The objective with the subjective, the physical with the mental.  It promotes vital changes, construction and reconstruction, enlargement, development, and advancement.  It awakens our latent Powers and enhances our faculties.


Power Concentration is the most direct channel to the subconscious and its amazing forces.   Tapping this immense power within has given us the greatest leaders, inventions, and ideas of all time.   Proper usage provides the mental brilliancy plus inspiration that we call creative genius.

It allows us to deliberately use the forces of the subconscious to design and live our ideal life from the inside out — the true meaning of Power and Progress

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