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How Expectations Become Actions

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We’ve all heard sayings such as “If you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right” or “whatever the Mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”  We’ve also heard about how Faith can move mountains. 

So if you believe and you have faith, what comes next?  Naturally, it is expectation.  In fact, one of my favorite recipes for success is as follows:

Belief leads to faith, faith leads to expectation, expectation leads to action, action leads to success.

This is because there is true Power in expectation, and true Progress from action.

Expectations that you feel deeply, desire intensely, and think about ceaselessly causes the subconscious to accept them as fact, as a natural part of reality.  Whatever the subconscious perceives as reality, will without question become reality.

 Expectation Gives You Something Definite to Focus On.

There are many people who constantly think about success and believe they will be successful, yet waste much of their energy experimenting with several different projects.  The result is similiar to an ant trying to build 10 different ant hills at once.

But with expectation, the experimenting is over.  You are now focused and convinced that the goal at hand will occur.  All of your energy previously spread out, is now fixed upon the accomplishment of this specific object.  Exponential progress begins to happen.  The force of five trickling streams pale in comparison to one raging river.  Expectation is that raging river.

Expectation leaves no room for doubt.  It’s a true case of “not a matter of if, but when”.  You begin to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the fulfillment of the expectation.  You are no longer hoping, you are knowing.

 Arousing all that is Within You

Once the impression upon the subconscious has been made, it goes to work securing all of the necessary talents and faculties within you that are required for the fulfillment of the expectation.  Many of these latent powers you may not have even been aware that you possessed, but they are now activated.

Your body becomes nourished and energized and is preparing for the execution of the tasks that will make what started as a thought into a reality.  You begin to naturally eliminate thoughts and activities that are not in line with the specific achievement for there is no room for wasted energy. 

Paths become cleared, you begin to visualize the roadmap from within that will lead to accomplishment.  You have seen yourself crossing the finish line and are now tracing the steps backwards that got you there.  Thoughts of incompletion vanish, you are convinced that is no longer an option.

You take the first step, the momentum has started.

 Action Required

Although the expectation is in the future, we must take action in the present.  Dreams stay in your mind, achievement lives in the world.  Integration of the two is required.  This produces inspired action.  There isn’t a force in the world strong enough to deter inspired action.

Actions must be constructive, building toward achievement.  I turn within for inspiration, guidance, and knowledge, but I also realize that this does little without applying it in the conscious world.  You just can’t think your way to success without executing the action to make it a reality.

Just as the subconscious controls the physical act of the heart beating, it also will control the necessary actions for completed expectations.  Keep in mind that the subconscious doesn’t question or argue, it just accepts.  It will execute what is deeply impressed upon it, for better or worse.  So it goes without saying, if you expect the worse, that will become your reality, fortunately the same holds true when you expect the best.

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  • ZZ

    It doesn’t get any better than those basics in my opinion. It was just what my scatter brained self needed to get back focused on what’s the ultimate goal and yeilds that burning desire .