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YOU as a Business: The Craft


I’m not a businessman.  I’m a business, man – Sean Carter

It’s not a new revelation that the days of a 40 year career with one company and a gold watch at the retirement party are over.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average amount of time that we will spend with each employer is 4.4 years.

In this modern economy, we have all become a business.  Whether we work for ourselves or for someone else, we exchange our time, talent, skills, ability, resources, knowledge, and experience for payment.  This business transaction continues for as long as both parties are satisfied.  Then it’s off to the next project, job, venture, or position.  Sometimes without warning.

Globalization, downsizing, outsourcing and the blurring of the lines between personal and professional life, has made it critical not to just position yourself as a brand, but as a business.  In order to advance you should constantly be looking to increase your personal business value, assets, and profits.  This holds true whether you are seeking a promotion, a new job, or trying to land the next big contract for your start-up company.

Find Your Craft

Before you can build your business, you must determine what your business will offer.  Since YOU are the business, begin by identifying your strengths, skills, and passions. 

What do you excel at in your current position?  What specialized knowledge do you possess?  Look for problems you could solve with this specialized knowledge.  What could you see yourself becoming an expert in?

We live in a world of abundant opportunities.  So don’t simply choose something you think will make you the most money.  Find what you love, apply passion, and the rewards will follow.

Once you find your craft, constantly keep it mind.  Visualize yourself becoming the master of your craft.  This will make an impression on the subconscious which will continuously be looking for ways to develop and advance your craft.  Then the real progress begins. 

Make your business stand out

Today, both individuals and companies have more options than ever.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, or independent contractor, you are competing in a world where the choices are almost limitless. Many employers receive hundreds of resume’s for each open position.  Entrepreneurs are constantly striving to find a product or service that hasn’t been created. It’s often a cut-throat dog-eat-dog competition for promotions.

So how will you, your product, or service stand out?  More importantly, how will you and your offerings become the cream that rises to the top?

Here are a few strategies to get you started:

  1. Begin by identifying a niche within your craft. 
  2. Determine your distinction point.
  3. Seek to become an expert in your niche, let this expertise become your distinction point. 
  4. Strive to become an indispensible asset. 

Constantly seek opportunities to advance your craft, and thus your business.

Companies are constantly upgrading their hardware, software, systems and processes in order to maximize productivity.  It is important that you do the same. 

I have found that the most successful people, whether employees, entrepreneurs or CEOs, commit to daily improvement of themselves and their crafts. You will find the more you Progress, the more necessary this becomes.  The further up the ladder you climb, the more intense the competition.  Once you reach the top, it will be harder to stay there than it was to get there.

There are many different ways to advance your craft.  Techniques will vary depending on what your craft is.  A good start is to find and read the best books, magazines, and blogs that will further your knowledge and understanding of your craft.  It will also benefit you to participate in courses and certificate opportunities that will directly or indirectly advance your craft, whether it be online, at the local community college, seminars, conferences etc.  In addition, joining business associations that are relevant to your craft, will not only provide invaluable networking opportunities, but also advance your knowledge base.

Don’t be afraid to take on projects or goals that at first glance seem unattainable.  You have to think big to get bigger.  It is impossible to gain more power, internally and externally, without fully using the power you currently have.  When you complete such a project, not only will your experience and skills improve, but so will your confidence to start or land larger projects.   Each project leads to more power, within and without.  The additional power leads to additional progress, and so the cycle of Power and Progress begins.

Keep in mind that every business needs a personal business plan to be successful.  Use the unlimited power of the subconscious for insight and wisdom on the best ways to create YOU as a business.  The modern economy demands it, YOU can command it, the subconscious will expand it.

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